Thinking about changing your career?   Or perhaps you've been made redundant and want to use this opportunity to review your options?


I've CHANGED CARERS AND ROLES NUMEROUS TIMES, including starting a business at 40 and changing career completely at 47, and know that is not a decision or plan to take lightly but one that can ultimately be very rewarding.

My role as your coach is to help you make these decisions and implement your plan in the best way that suits you now and in your future.

  • Understanding your Purpose in your career so you know what needs your role has to fulfil 

  • Where best to apply your passions and skills

  • Discovering the motivation and why that really sets you alight to get it done

  • Career Change Planning - how to make it happen

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & other blockers that stop you from going for it 

  • Action planning and accountability to get it done

Who's it For?

Anyone considering a career change or perhaps thinking of starting a business.

How Does it Work? 

We have an initial session via your FREE Breakthrough Clarity session to discuss your needs and for you to experience coaching from me.

Once you decide to work with me you invest in a number of sessions to help you move forward at a pace you are comfortable with.

Recommended Resources

Download my fab free career change starter pack to help you...

Get to know your value in what you do already

Doing this will help boost your confidence to apply for roles that come up – if you want to stay in those roles (or even if you decide to change).

Use the free Personal Fabness Audit included in the pack.

Really look at what you're good at, been employed to do, and what people seek your help with using this exercise.

Your confidence will surely rise.

Take the time to review your life and career and where it's going

Use my Dream Life Exercise free tool from the FREE resource pack to help you start to explore what you might actually want to do with your life from this point on.

Look at what you'd really want to do. You can worry about the how once you are clear on it.

It's amazing how many people have benefited from this one simple exercise to open up the possibilities fr their future.

Know what’s important to you

Learning about my personal values and what was important to me at different stages of my life made choosing options that suited me, and stressed out less, so much easier.

They are your guides when making big decisions and you'll soon see that living in alignment with them makes life much more enjoyable and a helluva lot less stressful.

You can use the Personal Values worksheet in your free pack to do this.

Look for transferable skills you can use elsewhere

Once you decide what you want to do with your life from this point on you can look at what you already know from your experience to use moving forward in whatever you do. You don’t have to throw all of the bathwater out with the baby.

Take a look at the results from your Personal Fabness Audit and My Dream Life exercise to see where there are cross-overs and also where you may need to upskill or re-train.

Talk to other people who have changed careers or made similar leaps and it won't seem so scary.

Get help to make those big decisions

Without the help of the coaches, I've worked with, and continue to use, I may never have even considered the possibilities and opportunities that have come my way.

Invest in yourself and use your time wisely to make the right decisions.

Try a few coaches to ensure you get the right one for you. Most coaches, myself included, offer a free session to help you make this decision.

Book your free Clarity Breakthrough session with me HERE.

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Find your path to your ideal life, your way with a FREE session with me..