Your Life in Business

Re-engage with the joy and fun in running your business, simplify your business life and profitability while preventing and overcoming some of the stresses that go with it...

  • Understanding what you are best placed to do in your business

  • How to have fun while you're doing it

  • Maintaining the Balance while you grow your business

  • Discovering the motivation and why that really sets you alight to get it done

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & other blockers that stop you from going for it 

  • Preventing, burnout, overwhelm, and negative stress

  • Action planning and accountability to get it done

Who's it For? Business Owner/Directors/Managers, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs/ Startups

How does it work: We have an initial free session via your FREE Breakthrough Clarity Call to discuss your goals, needs and timescales and work out a unique program to suit your needs.  Often business owners and managers like to work on a bi-weekly or monthly basis but this can be increased to weekly sessions if required.

First Step: book your FREE Breakthrough Clarity Call to discuss your requirements and experience caching from me.

Why Brian Is Uniquely Placed To Offer This Service...

Before becoming a full time coach in 2015, Brian ran his own marketing consultancy business helping small and medium enterprises with matters of strategy and marketing promotion.

Much of his work in this area included helping business owners match their strengths as people to their roles in their businesses.

He has held several marketing management roles and his early career was in roles supporting local business owners in the Scottish Enterprise network.

Much of Brian's work as a coach to date has been with business owners/directors and startups.

Find your path to your ideal life, your way with a FREE session with me..

2 days ago

Quick update on this week's book tip and follow up exercise. ... See MoreSee Less
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I think this is the most succinct description I've come across for what I do and how shocked people are by the seemingly simplicity of the process..."β€œWhat we do is take the time to understand a person, with no other agenda, understand their objectives, dreams, goals, relationships, and world, and help them achieve what they want most in life… that's something that most people have never experienced before.”Peysha, Magali; Peysha, Mark. Strategic Intervention Handbook: How to quickly produce profound change in yourself and others (Kindle Locations 136-138). Strategic Intervention Press. Kindle Edition. #lifeevenbetter #lifecoaching #youcan #icanhelpyou ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

This week's book tip is from "Rising Strong" by BrenΓ© Brown ... See MoreSee Less
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I hope it's the same for us all :)#quoteoftheday ... See MoreSee Less
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