Breakdown those barriers to success and happiness once and for all!

The Breakthrough Accelerator Program (BETA) is designed to help you overcome the barriers that have prevented you getting to a goal or where you want to be in life.

We'll be tackling many of the common factors that prevent people from getting to their ideal including...

  • Setting the correct outcome for the goal/life in the right way

  • Discovering the motivation and why that really sets you alight to get it done

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs & other blockers that stop you from going for it 

  • Action planning and accountability to get it done

  • Creating Affirmations and Visualisations to help you attract what you really want 

Who's it for?  Everyone 18+

Duration: 12 weeks, 1 x 2-hour session per week. (24 hours in total!)

InvestmentJust $250.00 (Or 3 monthly payments of $90) I expect this to sell for $1500 when launched fully

What Else Do You Get? FREE membership of a private VIP area for support and discussion, for life!

Expected Start Date: January 2020

Please complete the Expression of Interest Form below for further information and I'll be in touch to arrange a quick interview to assess suitability and answer your questions.

How Does it All Work?


As these are BETA (that's first time running these for us normal folk) I'm offering these at a MASSIVE DISCOUNT nominal cost way below what you will pay when  fully launched.  You can pay the full amount upfront for a small discount or in 3 monthly payments.

Feedback to me

You must be willing to participate in the groups and give feedback to me in a structured interview/questionnaire at the end of the program (Hey, it's a small price to pay to get this coaching and results at such low prices)

Group Sizes

Each group will have a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 12 for the purposes of these launches.

Session Lengths

I am aiming these to be around 2 hours per week.  

What if I Miss a Session?

I will make recordings of all sessions available for the duration of the coaching program so that you can catch up.  Note that it's best to commit time to do this, even if on the catch up recordings, in your diary each week.

Technology Requirements

I will be using a group teleconferencing application called ZOOM.  You do need to download a wee FREE bit of software to you PC (or app to your phone) but it is very easy to use and I will control all of the techie stuff.  I envisage having a trial run through before the first session to make sure everyone is OK anyway.

I'd prefer participants to have a webcam to be able to see them in the groups and for participants to see each other  and of course microphone to participate.  There's no need to go out and buy anything fancy - use your inbuilt webcam and mic. You can even use your cell/mobile/tablet and many people use their mobile (cell) phone headphones which usually have a built in mic.

OK I'm Interested. What's Next?

Please complete the short Expression of Interest form below.

I will send you an invitation to have a short chat with me to see if this is a good fit for us both and to answer any of your questions about the program.

Find your path to your ideal life, your way with a FREE session with me..

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We're nearly at the end of the calendar year and it's good to use this as a marker and look back at how the year has gone.I tend to do this a couple of times a year; Summer and around now.It helps me evaluate where I am and what I still need to do to get to where i want to be in life; for me and my family.You can use my free Wheel Of Life exercise to look at various aspects of your life including:👩‍⚕️Health💰Wealth❤ Relationships 🏙 Career..And really anything else you fancy.I've given you a few ideas and instructions on the worksheet that can help you do your review in as little as 10 minutes!You can download the Wheel of Life worksheet with instructions here free:'ll find some other great resources there but I'd start with the Wheel of Life first and then decide where to concentrate your efforts next year.And of course, I'm here to help if you need some clarity on how to get to your "life even better".#lifecoachingtios #lifeevenbetter #career #freeresources #yesyoucan ... See MoreSee Less
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Feeling down?Need a pick me up?Here's this week's motivational Monday message from the incomparable Rosie Hendrix Motivational Monday 48Take Heart by Matthew West is dedicated to the City of Waukesha and everyone participating in or attending their Christmas parade last weekend.This is also for anyone who is having a hard time right now for any reason.I hope you will listen to this song and know that when you’re having a hard time holding on, you are being held.You are so very loved.Please forward this to someone who needs to hear this song.Take Heart,Rosie Hendrix ... See MoreSee Less
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If you've been following me for any length of time on here you'll know that music plays a big part in my life.I find so many analogies and fantastic story telling in songs and melodies.I have no idea why YT served this clip up to me recently but I watched it out of an interest in song-writing.What hit me was the feedback given by Pharell Williams (3.17 minutes in to the video) gives to the then student about doing her own thing and writing her own story, having the courage do do her own thing.That courage to be 100% me was something I sorely lacked for a great deal of my life.I managed to find mine and now help others find theirs too and I love doing it.I hope you can find your own voice and live your story 100% you.If you need some help with that book a free Breakthrough Clarity call with me to get started. #lifecoaching #lifetips #authenticity #confidence ... See MoreSee Less
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