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I'm a firm believer that you should be able to sample something as important as your prospective coach before buying, and get value from the sample, and that is why I offer this FREE Breakthrough Clarity session to design your roadmap to get where you want to be.

Here's how it works...

  1. 1
    Book a free BREAKTHROUGH CLARITY session with me using the handy tool on this page.
  2. 2
    We have a fab conversation to HELP YOU SEE THE PATH YOU CAN TO TAKE TO YOUR GOAL that suits you, and what if anything may get in your way.
  3. 3
    We look at your path to overcoming those obstacles and get clear on how to move forward your way.
  4. 4
    You then have a CLEAR path to Breakthrough to whatever goal you have; A ROADMAP to do it your way 
  5. 5
    We decide if and how we want to work together (No sales push from me Guaranteed!) to help move you forward and the best options for doing so.  If we decide to work together you’ll have the opportunity to choose from my signature programs or a tailored set of sessions aimed at meeting your specific objective.

At every stage, you’ll know what the next step is and what the expected outcome is. As with your life, you are always in control.

Some questions to ask yourself before booking?

Am I serious about changing for the better?

Am I willing to invest somewhere to make that change?

Am I willing to be challenged to make this happen?

Here are just some of the things people have come to me for help with...

  • Career change 
  • Confidence Building
  • Rediscovering purpose after a life change
  • Writing their book
  • Business Coaching
  • Startup coaching

Some Thoughts From Previous Coaching Clients...

"I really can’t recommend Brain highly enough."

I've turned to Brian on several occasions to help me make decisions that I felt were difficult and overwhelming. Where I've felt desperately stuck, frustrated or torn as to which way to go. Each time he's worked with patience and at a pace I was comfortable with, extracting truths and facts - sometimes without my even noticing - and shaping it into a reality that I could process and digest. It's quite remarkable.

The key thing for me, and what I appreciate most about working with Brian, is that where I wanted someone to tell me what to do or where I felt I could never make the decision on my own, he in fact helped me understand where I wanted to be and the decision I wanted to make.

He's given me the confidence to make the decisions on my own and never once giving his opinion in a way that might influence the decision, only fact. 

He’s helped me realise that answers are in there, no matter how little you believe it, and that's empowering. All you need is someone to help you get to your truth. He's professional but personable, conscientious, straight talking when you need it, and a huge advocate of pursuing your best life all of which I appreciate and applaud.

I know that the decisions I came to with Brain's help were the right ones for me, and those niggling regrets just don’t exist.

If you need clarity, closure, the power to decide a path or just need to understand what’s going on around you for your own peace of mind, I really can’t recommend Brain highly enough.

Ashley Watters //  Marketing Director, UK

"Brian is an excellent coach who takes time to understand what his clients really want."

Brian is an excellent coach who takes time to understand what his clients really want. With patience and just the right amount of aligning me with my values for motivation, he has helped me get organised and be well on my way to not only identifying my goals but achieving them.

Jewel Fries  // Business Owner & Freelance Writer, Canada

Sample Coaching Bundles

6 Month
1-2-1 Coaching 


(Payment plans available)

Get truly focused and build momentum towards your goals.

  • Weekly 1 hour online 1-2-1 calls with Brian
  • Access to VIP Members Area
  • Emergency Telephone Support
  • Discounts on online training programs
  • Advance invitations & Discounts for Events
Breakthrough Group Coaching




Get the support of the group as well as coaching from Brian 

  • 2  x 1.5 hour calls per month
  • Recording  of your group calls in private group forum
  • Max 12 group members
  • Access to Brian's VIP members area

Waiting list mow open for Breakthrough Accelerator BETA group.

Learn More & Get on the waiting list 

5 days ago

We're nearly at the end of the calendar year and it's good to use this as a marker and look back at how the year has gone.I tend to do this a couple of times a year; Summer and around now.It helps me evaluate where I am and what I still need to do to get to where i want to be in life; for me and my family.You can use my free Wheel Of Life exercise to look at various aspects of your life including:👩‍⚕️Health💰Wealth❤ Relationships 🏙 Career..And really anything else you fancy.I've given you a few ideas and instructions on the worksheet that can help you do your review in as little as 10 minutes!You can download the Wheel of Life worksheet with instructions here free:'ll find some other great resources there but I'd start with the Wheel of Life first and then decide where to concentrate your efforts next year.And of course, I'm here to help if you need some clarity on how to get to your "life even better".#lifecoachingtios #lifeevenbetter #career #freeresources #yesyoucan ... See MoreSee Less
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Feeling down?Need a pick me up?Here's this week's motivational Monday message from the incomparable Rosie Hendrix Motivational Monday 48Take Heart by Matthew West is dedicated to the City of Waukesha and everyone participating in or attending their Christmas parade last weekend.This is also for anyone who is having a hard time right now for any reason.I hope you will listen to this song and know that when you’re having a hard time holding on, you are being held.You are so very loved.Please forward this to someone who needs to hear this song.Take Heart,Rosie Hendrix ... See MoreSee Less
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If you've been following me for any length of time on here you'll know that music plays a big part in my life.I find so many analogies and fantastic story telling in songs and melodies.I have no idea why YT served this clip up to me recently but I watched it out of an interest in song-writing.What hit me was the feedback given by Pharell Williams (3.17 minutes in to the video) gives to the then student about doing her own thing and writing her own story, having the courage do do her own thing.That courage to be 100% me was something I sorely lacked for a great deal of my life.I managed to find mine and now help others find theirs too and I love doing it.I hope you can find your own voice and live your story 100% you.If you need some help with that book a free Breakthrough Clarity call with me to get started. #lifecoaching #lifetips #authenticity #confidence ... See MoreSee Less
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