Build Your Confidence to Live Life Your Way

I've used these tools myself and taught countless others.  Now it's your turn...

Introducing "Confidence For Life"

I designed this program to help people to develop the confidence to go after what they trully want from life.  Too many of us hide our light through shyness, a feeling of being not enough or simply because we've never known how to be confident.  

I want you to help you let your let shine

Why Pick "Confidence For Life"?

Here are just a few of the benefits of Confidence For Life over other programs that are out there..

Learn From Someone Who's Actually Used the Tools

I've personally used all of the tools in this program to help develop my own confidence.

I used to be incredibly shy and insecure and spent years discovering, practising and developing some of the techniques here for you to shortcut the process.

Multi-Disciplinary Ways To Learn & Grow

Unlike some programs that concentrate on only one form of tool or technique, I have included various types of learning tools to suit all learning styles.

Quick Wins To Build Momentum With Your Confidence

I've deliberately structured this course to give you some quick wins in building your confidence which form the foundation for some of the more advanced techniques. 

Advanced Techniques Made Simple

Some of the techniques in this program including the NLP tools are quite advanced and I have done my utmost to ensure that these are made simple to understand and use

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Here are just some of the thoughts of people who have taken this program already...

Sian Bowron


"...invaluable for me to revisit as I work on improving my "confidence for life"

Love Brian's style and delivery. And the fact he has a lovely lilting Scottish accent. A very concise and informative course which will be invaluable for me to revisit as I work on improving my "confidence for life". Feeling really motivated, thanks Brian.

Ernestine Van Der Griedt


"Brian has a treasure room of experiences from his own life"

Brian has a treasure room of experiences from his own life, which helps to relate to whatever you are going through.  My experience is that it makes someone feel more empowered when the coach knows what it’s like to be stuck in some parts of your life.

Here's a break down of what you'll learn & develop in Confidence For Life

Let your visitor know how many modules there are and what each one is about.


Module 1 - Intro to Confidence For Life

In this module I introduce some of the key concepts and definitions used in the program and share a key moment that proved the catalyst for my transition from shy introvert to thriving fun loving person. 


Module 2 - Getting Fabby With It

In this module you will explore some of your key assets  you bring to the world and rediscover the value you already bring to the world that you may be ignoring or simply be unaware of.  

You'll also begin to look at ways to set up your mindset for personal growth and learning.


Module 3 - Confident Thinking & Behaviour

Here, we'll begin to break down the negative programming you may have received in life that has dimmed your confidence and use various techniques to re-establish more positive confidence development.


Module 4 - Confidence & Assertiveness

Using assertiveness properly is a big benefit of being more confident in yourself.  This module explores how to develop your assertive thoughts and voice.  

We'll also look at your value system and how to ensure you are living in alignment with it to prevent stress; something less confident people are sometimes prone to.

There's also a special section on learning to say no without apology.


Module 5 - Modelling the Greats

Here you'll learn to use a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique to look for the traits in people you admire and learn how to adopt them for yourself. Not only can you fake it til you make it but it will program your subconscious to have you believe you can have the same attributes.


Module 6 - Confidence At Your Fingertips

Have you ever seen athletes or presenters rub a couple of fingers together in a seeming habit before performing?

Here you'l learn to use this technique for recall of your most confident state - whenever you want it, instantly!


I want to give you the best possible learning experience for building confidence and ultimately your ideal life and that is why I'm adding in these fantastic bonuses which compliment your Confidence For Life program.

Bonus 1
Learn how to write and use your own personalised affirmations

Affirmations are a tried and tested means of programming the subconscious with positive messages that help to develop ppositivity and confidence in our lives.

This fab bonus course gives you the means to write and use personalised affirmations for the areas of your life that you want to improve.along with ideas and examples from me.

Bonus 2
Learn To Use the Law of Attraction to manifest your ideal life

You've probably heard of the Law of Attraction and how you can manifest what you want by visualising it properly.

What you may not know is that so many people get visualising wrong and subsequently see no benefit.

I've used my experience in NLP and visualising over many decades to show you the what to build your visualisations properly and how to use them effectively.

Bonus 3
Join my "Life By Design VIP Club" FREE 

As a Confidence For Life participant you will get access to my private VIP group where I offer additional free training and support to people who have invested in themselves in my programs and coaching

Why I built this program...

"I've been there and had to build my own confidence.  Now I want to help you build your to go after the life you truly want and let your light shine bright!"

Here’s what people are saying about working with me...

Sylvie Bouchard


"Working with Brian was really life changing"

"Working with Brian was really life changing. He has been a huge help, making me realise that I have full power and control on my life. He guided me with exercises and questions to improve areas of my life that needed to get better. Brian is respectful, easy going and really have the desire to help people. Because of his coaching, I am now happier than ever with a new career ahead of me."

Ashley Watters


 "I really can’t recommend Brain highly enough."

He's professional but personable, conscientious, straight talking when you need it, and a huge advocate of pursuing your best life all of which I appreciate and applaud. I know that the decisions I came to with Brain's help were the right ones for me, and those niggling regrets just don’t exist. If you need clarity, closure, the power to decide a path or just need to understand what’s going on around you for your own peace of mind, I really can’t recommend Brain highly enough.

Istan Szep


Brian Canavan gave me valuable and honest feedback, and coached me back on track.

Last year I was heading down in the valley of the freelance roller coaster. I had issues with my personal life and my freelance design business, life was hard. Brian Canavan gave me valuable and honest feedback, and coached me back on track. I changed everything around me since then. Sometimes all you need is honesty and someone who believes in you. Thank you Brian, I will never forget that!

Why Continue to Hide Your Light?

I've spent literally thousands of pounds learning the techniques in this program and may years doing practising, developing and teaching these techniques with countless people all over the world.

You can shortcut this process and save yourself not only time but money in investing in and doing this program for yourself at your own pace and in the  comfort of your own home.

Start building your confidence now for the life you truly want and can now have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to do the course?

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How do I know it's confidence I need to build?

Why is there no money back guarantee?

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Please don't hide your light!

Please don't let your song remain unsung, your story untold, or your life lived less than fully.

I hid my light for years and then saw the fantastic difference it makes when you connect to your own inner confidence and learn to develop it.

It really can change your life for the better.

Start Building Your Confidence for the Life You Truly Want Today!

Why wait?  Let your light shine!