Woohoo, Easter break is over!

Kids are back to school!!

...oh wait...

"School is here, in the house. ???

But, but, but,.... I'm working from home and I've got piles of work to catch up on and keep going!"

And for those of us with kids, we are now the supervisors and coordinators of the link between our kids and their teachers too.

The technology is there but we still need to help and motivate (if needed) the kids to get on with it.

I'm lucky. My kids love learning - they see it as a challenge and, in most cases, fun. (Now, if I could just get the boy to sit still long enough to read a book and get off Sumdog!)

But it won't always be like this.

Oh no the gremlins from lack of social contact and the informality of being at home are even worse for our kids.

There's the back garden with all the toys and fun to be had that is a constant distraction.

We've received a lovely letter from the headmistress of the school my kids attend that helps to allay our fears about being woefully inadequate or overwhlemed by "teaching" - after all, they are trained and we are not.

She's also acknowledged that it's tough working from home and trying to coordinate kids.

Can you imagine what it's like for teachers with kids at home right now?

But you know what?...

We can only do what we can do!

The support of the teachers is phenomenal and they know that we, and the kids, can't do it all and have said as much.

And acknowledged that we shouldn't try to do it all - at least not as much as before

?? ????? ????'? ? ?????? ??? ????????? ??? ?? ????

That we can't possibly do all that we used to from home.

Technology is good but often not substitute for sitting next to your colleague and asking a quick question.

'Cause right now they might be helping their kids log on to the virtual school or dealing with tough maths problems (Please not me!!) or peeling them off the ceiling.

So please, don't go showing me up by being the perfectly coordinated, teacher/parent/home worker who can do everything, and all at the same time.

My ego can't take it right now.

Actually...YES, do that!

Because I help loads of people with burnout and stress, and get paid handsomely for it.

Stress coaches are lining up to take your calls as we speak as you overload yourself trying to do it all. (Can you hear those invoices being typed?)

Just call 0800 KERCHING!!

OR maybe you could accept that ...

  • This is not the status quo (we're no longer rockin' all over the world) and, in fact, no-one is.
  • You're going to be able to do less of everything as you try to juggle them all at the same time.
  • That some things, including a bit of school work and maybe even our work just won't be done at the same rate as before all this.
  • Things may take just a bit longer.
  • I won't get that video shot exactly when I want to cause sibling warfare has broken out and they are about to start screaming...loudly..in the garden..for all the neighborhood to hear...again!!
  • Employees are parents, carers and normal people coping with some major issues right now and we should cut them some slack.
  • That you may have to say "no" more than normal.

Or you can be THAT person, and I'll be glad to take your call and money in a few weeks time. 🙂

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