Why Would I Need A "Breakthrough"?

If you’ve been stuck seeing the same old results and experiencing the same old stresses, boredom or frustrations in life for a while, then it’s time to make some changes and enjoy a breakthrough in your life. 

I know from personal experience and from talking to my clients that it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut.

The same thinking, routines, habits, and actions lead to the same mediocre results.

So it stands to reason that a change in these will help you to get that breakthrough right?!

That's why I've put together this simple guide to the ideas and topics you must explore if you are to achieve your breakthrough.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

Follow These Strategies And You Can Breakthrough To What You Desire In Life

1. Decide to change. 

Only once you’ve made the proclamation and determination to change something in life will it happen.

  • You can change if you really want to.
  • Understand why you really want that change.
  • What need or desire is being met – is this really mine?
  • Who else does this affect and am I willing to accept some negative attitudes to this change?

2. Focus your attention on one aspect of your life.

Accomplishing something big will require a lot of your time, energy, and focus. Now isn’t the time to search for the partner of your dreams, lose 40 pounds, find a new job, and train for your first marathon.

  • Pick just one thing and give it all you’ve got.  
  • It’s been my experience, and that of my clients, that picking more than one thing to attempt a breakthrough in can lead to overwhelm and a lack of focus. 
  • What's the main thing?

3. Set a goal/project.

Now that you’ve got that one thing - Be crystal clear on what you’re committed to accomplishing. It takes courage to set a goal, because once you set a standard for success, you’ve also defined failure. Are you willing to risk failure to have a major breakthrough in your life?

Once you’ve made a decision what your goal or project is, you don’t have an excuse to avoid getting started.

  • Remember too that FAIL means First Attempt In Learning
  • Setting the change as a project means you are ALWAYS working towards it.
Setting a goal/project is also a form of making a decision.

4. Become an expert.

Whatever the topic of your breakthrough happens to be, become an expert. Acquire a few books, watch a couple of videos, and talk to an expert, or coach, if possible.

  • Avoid spending too much time on this step. At some point, you’re just procrastinating.
  • Set a deadline for your research phase (I’d recommend a week)

5. Raise your standards.

If any part of your life is less than you want it to be, your standards are often to blame.

Whether you’re overweight, have an unfulfilling relationship, or your bank account is limiting your life, your standards set the bar for what you'll allow into your life.

  • You must be less tolerant of what you’re willing to accept in your life if you’re going to make a breakthrough.
  • Writing a list of boundaries is a great place to start to help you see what you want more and less of.
  • Notice how hard you’ll work when your life slips below a certain level. Notice again how you relax once you re-attain that level. If that level were higher, you’d work like crazy to get there.

6. Develop the right mindset for change.

You've got to have the right mindset if you want to achieve a breakthrough.

The same thinking that got you in this situation  won't get you to there

Some things you’re going to have to consider are…

  • Self-esteem to feel worthy of the change
  • Self-confidence to give you the belief to get there
  • Knowing you can change and overcome

7. Make a plan and get started. 

You know what you want, and you know how to get it, or at least how to get started. Make a plan that will lead you to success. Keep in mind that making a plan is easy. You don’t have to do much, and you feel like you’re doing something, but you’re not. You’re just preparing to do something.

There are many people that make great plans, but few of them actually follow through on those plans. It’s okay to be excited by your marvellous plan but understand that your enthusiasm can quickly fade.

8. Track your time.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Track your time each date and tally up how much time you’re actually spending on working toward your breakthrough. It’s probably a lot less than you think. 

  • Decide to do better each day until you’ve achieved your goal.

9. Drop habits that are getting in your way.


You have habits that undermine your efforts to change your life. Depending on your objective, your bad habit might be eating late at night, spending money on expensive clothes, wasting time, or treating your friends poorly.

  • Look at all your behaviours and think about how they impact your attainment of your goal. 
  • Journaling is a great way to keep track of what’s going on with you and impacting your life

10. Don’t quit.

I'm sure you’ve heard this advice 1,000 times because it’s true. It’s hard not to be successful if you’re working hard and don’t quit. Keep going until you’ve had the breakthrough you desire.

  •  Get an accountability partner to help keep you on track. 
  •  Working together is so much easier than on your own – and you’ll feel crap going back not having done your tasks for this week!

How Do You Get Started?

Doing all of this on your own can seem quite daunting.

I recommend getting a coach or joining a group coaching program to help you achieve your breakthrough.

At the very least you'll need to unpack all of these steps and ensure that yo're not letting your past excuses or limiting beliefs prevent you from getting to where you want to be.

Please consider getting some help.  

You can of course book a FREE Breakthrough Clarity call with me or do consider the group coaching programs now available to you.

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