My Ideas Surviving and Thriving in Lockdown PART 2

Here is PART 2 of this series of ideas for you to survive and thrive while we're all in this crazy situation. 

Please remember these are only some ideas for you IF YOU HAVE HEAD-SPACE FOR THEM (and maybe paradoxically even more important to try if you feel you don't!)

I'm going to continue to break this down in to a few posts to avoid overwhelming you and me with too much at one time so be sure to check back regularly for other posts 🙂

On with Part 2 

3) Learn with Non-Fiction Books:

Use this time at home to educate yourself with non-fiction books. There is so much to be gained - like self-confidence, negotiation skills, health (sleep, nutrition), how to have difficult conversations and much more.

What keeps you up at night? There's probably a book about that! What do you wish you were better at? There's probably a book about that too!

Here are some of my favourites to give you some ideas...

Reading one book will expand your mind, reading several of these books is going to make you more interesting, help you learn new skills - and maybe even make you more employable too!

Let go of perfectionism and understand that being imperfect is actually a good thing..

A real bruising for the ego but oh so worth it to let let go of those ahem excuses that have been holding you back.

How I F'd it up and put it back together again better than before.

My #1 go to book for breaking stinking thinking about money and how to hold on to it.

Some brilliant ideas for starting your day off right with these morning habits.

Brilliant book for understanding why emotions can sometimes get the better of us and how to take back control

4) Gain a New Skill with Online Learning:

There are so many opportunities online to gain a new skill and they're growing by the day!

Grow your personal or creative skills or choose a new skill to learn and take back to work with online training providers like Coursera or Udemy.

There are many other providers.

If there's a skill you always wanted to learn, just search for it online. 

And with so many learning options ranging from FREE to tens of dollars to the low hundreds of dollars, there will be something out there just perfect for you.

Here are a few of my courses for some inspiration...

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