My Ideas Surviving and Thriving in Lockdown & Beyond PART 3

Here is PART 3 of this series of ideas for you to survive and thrive while we're all in this crazy situation (&beyond)

Please remember these are only some ideas for you IF YOU HAVE HEAD-SPACE FOR THEM (and maybe paradoxically even more important to try if you feel you don't!)

I'm going to continue to break this down in to a few posts to avoid overwhelming you and me with too much at one time so be sure to check back regularly for other posts 🙂

On with Part 3 ...

5) Explore your Life Vision:

Rather than watching endless news streams, you can choose to focus on a bigger picture - your future. What do you want from the rest of your life? What would you be disappointed you did NOT do? Where do you envision yourself in 10 years?

Having a clear vision of how you want your life to be is a powerful motivator. A vision helps us work towards our goals, take action and make change. Soon, we'll all be super-busy again - and a vision might be just what you need stay focused!

Try this fab fun exercise to open up to your possibilities and start cultivating your dream vision.  It's FREE...

"If you don't have a dream -

how you gonna have dream come true"

6) Be in the moment:

I know you've probably heard of mindfulness and meditation everywhere recently.

Do you know why?

It works!

Honestly. I meditate and journal daily to help me with this.

This tip is about being super-present, not thinking ahead or remembering the past, but practicing BEING.

In THIS moment you are OK. You are safe. Take one day at a time. One hour or even one breath at a time if you need to.

This is a PRACTICE - meaning you will have to do it over and over again - bringing yourself back to the NOW. Over time it gets easier, and it's a great skill to have to take back to "normal" life.

So when you notice you're worrying, feeling twitchy and want to pick up your device and find out what the "latest" is about the COVID situation, say to yourself, "It's OK. In this moment, I am safe. In this moment I am OK." You can also add or say, "In this moment, my children/husband/family are safe."

EXTRA TIP: Reduce or minimise how often you watch and read the news! And DON'T read or watch the news (or articles about COVID-19 or similar) just before bed!

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