I think everyonehas suffered from this at some point.

That feeling that we're winging it or somehow got to where we don't deserve to be. That we'll be found out eventually.

  • Maybe as we started our business?
  • Got the promotion or the job?
  • Or as it grew beyond what we first envisioned?
  • Or maybe every damn day?

It has a name because it's a real feeling and too many of us concentrate on that first word, "impostor".

It's a syndrome because it is considered an abnormality. It's not actually true - in most cases.

Here's a tip to get over your impostor syndrome if you have it...

  • Ask yourself if every person who ever hired you or bought from you is a complete and utter idiot?
  • Were they all totally incompetent in making that decision to use your product or services?

Chances are you'll see that they weren't. They can't all be wrong, can they?

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