Some time ago I wrote what was possibly my most popular article to date about why I walked away from my 20+ year career in marketing.

Here's the huge takeaway I've had since....

My Previous (Haphazard) Away From Method

You see at the time of writing that article I think I wrote it in an away from mindset. I wanted away from all the big bad scary things that happened to me before;

  • the stress
  • the imbalance
  • the insomnia
  • the constant feeling of not being enough.
  • Here we are 11 years into my self-employment adventure and I've changed from marketing consultant to coach and author. (I used to do the 2 side by side)

    I Got Lucky- Really Lucky!

    But something miraculous happened. I found my calling by accident (or luck and flaw)

    I found out I was meant to be a coach

    I'd been doing it all my life in one way or another.

    I'd been unconsciously supporting people by asking questions (and giving advice before being properly trained) and seeking ways to help them get to where they wanted to be.

    BUT, what if I hadn't stumbled on this?

    I was lucky. I can see that now.

    Circumstances and a few good friends helped me to sort my self out and to see a coach (something I was VERY sceptical about at first)

    I somehow recognised this, was it. Coaching and helping others was my calling. My purpose if you like.

    But what If I'd never seen the coach?

    I may have bumbled on indefinitely and been OK-ish in my marketing consultancy.

    But would I have achieved this level of fulfilment that I have now?

    Maybe, if the fates conspired, but equally maybe not!

    Getting Proactive and Towards My Ideal

    I now take a far more proactive approach to shaping my life and helping my clients do the same so that they get to experience the joys and fulfilment that can come from finding your path, your purpose and mission is on this wee blue rock floating in space.

    Yeah, some have come to work with me as a result of feeling meh, or worse stuck/frustrated, - but equally many have come to work with me to reconnect to their joy and happiness in life proactively.

    I call it building your "Life Magnet"

    It's about describing your ideal life in such wonderful detail that you can't help but bring it into being.

    You'll attract whats right for you and know what's wrong, 'cause you've already looked at what's there and seen what to change.

    You won't be able to stop yourself doing what it takes to make it come about. You can't help yourself making your life better from that point on. 'Cause you'll be so damn excited about it!

    Some of this happens unconsciously once you've designed your "Life Magnet" but a lot of it is part of your plan, however loosely you want to make it.

    I know my value and purpose and all big decisions are made consciously based on these.

    I look at how I'm feeling regularly through Journaling and other tools.

    Many of my clients have adopted this approach too.

    So. I guess my final question is this.

    "Are you going to risk sleepwalking into a nightmare like I did, or are you actively shaping your life for joy and fulfilment (as well as cash)?"

    Please, have a BIG think about it.

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