I recently had the fab pleasure of working with Abbé to review her career path.

She had realised that where she had found herself was not exactly where she wanted to be and wanted to explore her options moving forward.

Abbé was already fairly au fait with her strengths and so we concentrated on exploring her values and desires for her quality of life to help her get clarity on what exactly she wanted before exploring options.

Abbé has always been very environmentally conscious and a real advocate for sustainable living.

We used Abbé's values and lifestyle expectations to weigh up her various options and she soon began to focus on some self employed options.

Each of these options was then weighed against Abbé's values and lifestyle expectations plus some conversations with her husband Mark, to check all was feasible moving forward.

I was delighted to learn from Abbé recently that she had launched her new venture Funkerchiefs; recycling materials to make funky fun handkerchiefs and was delighted to have found her "ligthbulb moment" while working with me as her coach.

Please check out Abbé's full testimonial and a link to her new venture below.

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